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Would it not be nice to stop your Karmic Wheel, to have no worries about the future, no unhealthy relationship to money or not being afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Or simply have less thoughts? The quieter your mind, the quieter the mind of others.

One way to have a healthier and happier life is to go within, to turn your life-experiences into your own wisdom and take care of your physical body, your mind and most importantly your Heart.

But why would you heal yourself. Have you not suffered more than enough? Is it not time to transform your negative feelings into positive feelings and create a new future for yourself?

It is a first step to acknowledge and know that things cannot go on like how they have been going so far. It can be a lonely road as no one else can do the healing for you, no one else knows exactly what you are going through or what you feel except yourself. Acknowledge what works and what not for you to get into balance.

You always heal yourself; I am not able to do this for you. You are the one making the decisions, the choice to work on healing yourself or not. You have Free Will to decide everything.

Go on a journey to become Wholeness of your Spiritual Nature, Wholeness of your True State of Life. By being Love, you are being Whole and to bring you into Wholeness I offer several methods by either Spiritual and Intuitive Counselling, sound treatments and also by using intermediaries such as trance-channelling Spirit and Collective(s).

I call myself an Energetic Stepping and Wholeness Counselor. I am here to counsel/coach you to step forward and create a new future for yourself, step up in vibration and frequency, step out of 3D and step away from the old. To help you balance your Masculine and Feminine Energies, by working very closely with my own Spirit team Carla.

By healing ourselves we heal others too, I have heard it is 7 generations prior to us and 7 generations ahead of us. As we are all connected and everything is energy, why should it not have an influence on our children and our ancestors? Subconscious blocks can be passed down from your parents and/or ancestors. By healing yourself, you will have an immediate effect on your surroundings, your environment, the external World. The road to happiness is different for everyone, we all have our own journeys. Yes, it can be a long and difficult road but once you are on it and look back you can see yourself blossom, you start to look at yourself and the World outside of you in a healthier and in a more understanding way. What is more beautiful than this?

Life does not happen to you; you are the creator of your own life. Some unpleasant experiences are happening over and over again, it is a sign that you are overlooking something. Something that will need to be addressed, to be looked at and to be healed. We all have pain, most of our pain comes from our childhood as this is when we experience most of our life experiences for the first time.

Every single person is Whole, which is your core, covered with layers of insecurity, doubt, anger, sadness, etc. for an example; like an onion.

Step up and step forward to find yourself again. Like when you were a child, being curious, carefree, evolving as a human being. Experience your Wholeness by transforming, shifting, changing the layers that cover you. Looking into your subconscious blocks, thinking patterns and transform them into a more positive, supporting pattern and system. Changing belief systems, programs that keep you away from being Whole, Love and Happiness.

Step into different dynamics, step into shifting and increasing your vibration. Step forward and let's get back on track.

While increasing our frequency and vibration, Ascending, we have no other choice than to leave our emotional baggage behind. We are not able to Ascend when we have an emotional baggage, the more energetic/subconscious blocks we have, the more dense and the heavier we are. We might still even feel heavy while eating healthy and do a lot of sports.

One other method to heal yourself, raise your frequency and vibration, is through Sacred Crystal Sound. Sometimes you would like to relax, or you prefer not wanting to talk (anymore) about the past and just let your body do the work. I call Sacred Crystal Sound, therapy without needing to talk. Sacred Crystal Sound is to re-lax/re-energize/re-balance our body and mind.

On my You-Tube Channel “Blue Lotus” you will find several messages from Carla, Goddesses and female celebrities between 1930-1960. Also, conversations that I have with my friend and colleague Tamalla Mallet incl. interviews about Sacred Crystal Sound and Sacred Auto Tuning.

For more information please have a look at my other website and YT Channel.

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