Powerful Women

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

Most of us have grown up with the belief that we are limited, small, unimportant, not worthy - regardless being a man or a woman. We have been raised to be/become limited. It might even be that what I am doing or ‘spiritual methods’ in general are outside of your comfort zone. We are all Creators and what we have created is limitation, disbeliefs, even believing that men are more important than women. The Masculine Energy has at this moment the upper hand, and more Feminine Energy is coming up. Over the planet but also within us. As we all carry both Energies, this means that our task is to become balanced. We are all consciousness, we are all connected, we are all Light.

Besides working very closely with Carla, I also have the privilege to work with very powerful women – who were famous between 1930-1960 – such as Marilyn, Ava, Elizabeth and Judy. Many more female Spirit friends would like to leave a message behind as well and as soon as my physical body is ready I will share their introduction messages here and my YT Channel “Blue Lotus”.

Since October 2017, Marilyn Monroe speaks through me, teaching how to balance Masculine and Feminine Energies within ourselves. This is very much needed in order to balance what we see in the External World.
She also shares her own personal life experiences, how she felt in certain situations, her confusion, insecurity, independence, determination. There are still a lot of images, ideas that people have looking at it as it is something normal but are really not. Until to this date not much has changed since her time era. With this she means, the way how we as a female or as a male look at ourselves. Not appreciating how we look, not embracing our own lives, the continuous comparison with someone else. The way how a man or awoman will need to behave instead of validating our skills, etc. Much will need to change in order to love ourselves and love others.

Both men and women have Masculine and Feminine Energies, but it has been so distorted that we see each other as separate beings which is not true. We are all the same and are equal. Masculine Energy does not only belong to the men and the Feminine Energy does not only belong to women; we carry both.

Some men have not learnt how to show emotions. How to deal with grief, sadness or even joy. Some women have learnt/have been asked to be more Masculine, especially on the work floor. Our energies are out of balance.

❤️ Ava Gardner - Introduction

Ava made herself known to me in July 2018 and what a different energy she is! I find her interesting as her energy does not feel as how she portrayed herself in the movies. Her energy feels to me more masculine than feminine but to the outside world, as in the movies and pictures, she came across as a very elegant and feminine woman.

Please find her introduction here:


❤️ Elizabeth Taylor - Introduction

Elizabeth is a gentle, kind and caring Spirit who also uses my body not only to communicate but also to break open a few more doors here and there. Just like Marilyn, Ava and Judy, she also would like to share her life experiences. She would like to emphasize that she has been a normal person, like you and I are. 

Elizabeth came through to me in the first week of December 2018 and I can already feel that we will be working together many more times in the future.

Please find her introduction here: 


❤️ Judy Garland - Introduction

Judy came through to me in November 2018 and is like a tornado! She has an incredible high level of energy and a lot of Love to give. She will, just like Ava, not hold back and would like to share what she has experienced in her life and what kind of impact it has had on her and her loved ones.

Please find her introduction here:


❤️ Marilyn Monroe - Introduction

Marilyn her energy is very soft, gentle, and she is much fun. She did not take life that serious and is all joyful and full of play, still making jokes and make people feel comfortable.

Please find her introduction here:


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